Cut the Tree Down

I’m beginning to lose faith in my country. I used to be Blac Bloc Anarcho-Syndicalist. But I long ago decided I need to vote and participate in non-violent action. Even knowing that in my district and in my state my liberal ass views are in the minority, still I vote. Still, I protest. Still, I chain myself to backhoes to prevent deforestation. And still nothing seems to change. Could it be possible that maybe our TACTICS need to change? Maybe we should use the opponents’ weapons against them.  Hate, Anger, Insults, Libel, Bible Verses, Mace, Bats, Guns? I mean “the tree of liberty sometimes needs to be watered by the blood of martyrs,” right?  We don’t live in the 60s anymore. What was the result of the 99%er sit ins? Awareness, yes, but not CHANGE. If anything, i feel like it might of contributed to Trump’s election. It was mocked by everybody as being a pot infested hippie drum circle. I’m not saying WE need to start the violence, I’m just saying THEY shed first blood. And I for one am getting sick and tired of being kicked around. By the courts, by the legislature, by the cops, by the governor, by the president. It wasn’t Woodstock that changed the 60s it was the deaths of four little girls in Birmingham and three college kids in Mississippi. There were more than one auto-immolations in protest of the Vietnam War. One was done right in front of the Pentagon.  How many deaths is this generation gonna take before we say “enough is enough”? Maybe the tree doesn’t need to be watered anymore. Maybe it’s so rotted and windblown and lightning struck and full of termites and weighed down by poison ivy that instead of waiting for it to fall on our house in the middle of the night it finally needs to be torn down and have the stump burned, because whatever it has become it isn’t the liberty tree that I fell in love with anymore. But what would replace it? I’m honestly hoping for a Zombie Apocolypse, lol! Am I crazy?

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