To Jilliana Babb

When the world drives by her walking in the rain heading to or from their hateful jobs where they sacrifice their dreams, lost in their own imagined pain, it seems she knows a secret and smiles full of self esteem and somehow she is gorgeous with forgiveness, courageous in her patience.  The sky is falling and the multitudes are muttering, yet here she is, dancing through the puddles. Not angry, only slightly saddened by the loss of courtesy. Feet rooted firmly to the Earth, arms upstretched to the clouds above, a pillar connecting the Foundation to the Firmament.

Speaking as a fellow Aries on the cusp of Taurus I fight. Let detractors be damned and hopelessness be buried deep behind us in the past.  Let the rains come and dowse the fire, embers burn on still. With patience and with passion tend the light and let it grow and be not afraid of night.  Climb the mountain even as its passes crumble, narrow and steepen. Climb on steady feet up toward the summit and bring the flame of spiritual Love up to the highest height. Alight the evening’s stars persistent Ram and should the darkness cloak us once more in fear seek out once more a cinder and then begin the quest again.

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