To Becky Wilson

I’m at my whits end too.
pray for me and I’ll pray for you.
allow the tears to wash away the stains,
and confront the fear or they will be all that remain
that thunder in the sky above’s
God showing consolation
and if friend be not near take solace in quiet contemplation
but never isolation
in my own hard won opinion
staying positive is just denial
and why defile your emotions
that suffering is just the other side of happiness
welcome sadness as a friend knocking quietly at night
reminding you that even if it doesn’t all end right
at least you’re still alive
and with life comes always,
though later than some would have it,
a million extra chances
fight against despair
and rage at the dying of the light
you maybe a tiny thing
but remember the exploding atom’s might
– and some of us just love you too much to see you frown
– if not for Becky Wilson, then when you’re ready smile once again for us

All my prayers, for whatever has you down…

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