Star Child

The whole of time has conspired to produce you
Unawares of what mighty changes you’ll have wrought
The cosmos owes it’s being
To your every waking thought
Birthed in fires whole galaxies await
Your mother was the will of self explosive

Empty nihilism blown away by firey rage

Lonely bosons and neutrinos gathered by their strength
Forged the atoms and the gravity depended on by stars
The forge of future was built by mass and force

Batterings, collisions, brutal impacts

Self mutilation by the Cosmos
And fueled by cosmic rays

Creation set herself aflame
One day to produce you
To finally become your slave
The entire Is-ness of Being

Self-Immolates awaiting only your bidding

Go now,

Tell her it is Time

The war against apathy and suffering and tedium and pain

begins today.

Fuck the World and all it’s ways.

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