The Nightmare House

A Sudden storm done up

And took the quiet from the night.

The thunder

     -burn’t & broken bricks-

Tumbling from the sky.

Pale fires smouldered within the charred shell of a slumped and smoking ruin.

Where once I’d stood

     -now open enticingly wide-open

Was a crater deep enough to bury me upright.

It was easy now to picture what this home would soon become:

That sad & desecrated wreck

     – The Nightmare House.

I’ve only one other dream more vivid of when I would soon meet Her.

Every feature of Her virgin face obscured by mad, starling sworms of the purest ebon.

But when She turned Her naked almond eyes to me I was stripped bear.

I felt fear of an awe both terrible and furiously conjoined.

Fear of what I saw when I stripped Her of Her secrets.

Fear of my own securities being laid bare.

And then She took off running,


And I can’t you if She flirted or was just…


But I new forever in that instant that her stares,

Her unkempt hair,

Her playful mockery would one day fill our house.

So I chased her,

     God forgive me,

And wherever we went the ground would crack into her feet, sheer gravity bowing to her regal footsteps.

Every few yards, I had to leap across gaping chasms,

Bottomless flames licking at my bootheels.

Portcullises would drop to right and left

 for every hole I jumped another hole 

wouldopen up.


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