What I Mean by Savage Vagabond

Trumps first ten days.

“God Loves A Lost Cause”
Soured milk, fermented fruit, and dying honey bees

A February high of 80 degrees

the memories of dreams

I woke up more miserable than when I fell asleep
sure anger is a part of it

but I just don’t think I’m one for this world no more

a hundred years ago our great gramprents’ paddle boats and trains were the fastest news could go with out a trusty palomino.
Burr & Johnson took to guns at dawn for chrissake!
We hear in History:

 The Donner party ate their neighbors to survive.

            (Though no one did)

And in the Orpheum, we gleefully participate in cannibalistic orgies of downed soccer teams in the Andes and cruelly name the horrific episode “Alive”.  

Carmike released the secret Melville omitted:

 the part where Nantucket men drew lots to see who’d be on the dinner menu. Over half a year at sea in nothing but lifeboats.
And today we joke of eating the rich…

Doing nothing near it.
“Made in His image,” they say.

“I am fiercely and terribly made”

We’ve fire-bombed Tokyo killing thousands.

Nuked Nagasaki & Hiroshima.  Millions.

Dresden too, Americans, civilians.

Stalin in bed with Roosevelt slaughtered 10 million, but we don’t think of that.

We think instead of Hitler’s 6 to 8 million at the hands of ordinary men “just doing as they were told.”

But we at least had recourse to the Hague and Neuremburg. As late as that may be.

Yet it is very true Columbus sailed the ocean blue to find no gold during his quixotic admiralty.

And out of rage and desperation directly butchered a million islanders and for what? Sugar and molasses?  Yet he has his own Holiday.

The architect of our “God-fearing” nation’s own genocide still defiles the twenty with his self-righteous face.

Goebels slandered Neitzche with his  interpretation of the Ubermensch.

Dostoevsky strived to understand his own Raskalnikov, but found him wanting in the balance.
Ubermensch: above the law, superhuman.

Raskalnikov was a rat and coward. Hitler, too. And Stalin, Caesar, Ghengis Khan, Pol Pot, Allende, Torquemada, Alexander.

I need not continue.
Some Americans now consider themselves the hens of the Neuvo Ubermensch: cops that kill, a president that defecates on our shared American liberties a thousand ways in just his first ten days.
Facebook and Twitter flame wars, a Civil War on social media pits friends and relatives against each other.

And all the while our children hear with open ears. 

And they learn.

They learn to be self-righteous, yet remain complacent.
The Reverend Doctor King, the Kennedys, and Ghandi… Shot for seeking peace.

Should we turn our sites away from pacifists and feed the tree of liberty with blood, and bombings, martial law and violence in the streets?  
Soon enough Kent State and Watergate and burning Mississippi will be as tinder for the fuel we Lib-Dems now ceaselessly toss upon the fire.  

Soon enough it will become a pyre into which the Nation in its own rhetoric has eagerly stepped into.
Yet I am not for 99%ers bongo stroking laziness.
Condolences, I give up on pacifism.

I stand with the fifth estate. I March with the black brigade. I want to watch this whole world burn.
What surprises me as I say it is that I do not regret it. I’m fucking sick of turning cheeks and bending backwards.
I am finished with forgiveness.
I once claimed that Mother Nature will eat her children all in time.

But why bother.  We’re doing it already.

A finger for complacence!

Soldier on believers.

God loves a good lost cause.
What was Israel but an Immigrant?

Jacob, Mary, Joseph, Mohammed, Buddha, Christ.

More drifting vagabonds than refugees.

Today the WASP won’t let them through the gate.

Given time all dictators fall.

Pray for our nation and go ahead and scream. 

Smear your door with lambs blood.

Remember Lot, his visitor, and what happened to Gammorah.
With any luck that night will once more come.

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