You’re Late


Christopher S. Rozema
Lonely neutrinos & unnecessary muons,

Your ghostly gravity:

Spooky action at a distance.

Immediately, I felt your heart break

From the the fifth corner of the globe.

An angel needed me…

But I was somewhere else.

Drowning in your river, buried in gardens,

Letting my freedom turn into stone.
The circle was broken-

Superstring now common helix,

Charming, strange and maybe,

Demising bosons prove the weight of woes heretofore unknown.

Joyce & Pauli called a conference.

The only sense

I make of it:

A ghost on the road to nowhere ordered once; by whom?

Rabi’s bewilderment when met with fact:  “Who ordered that?”
The fear is not of “What?”, but “When? ”

Never of “Enough sleep at night.”

That way leads to decay-

Real as the bones in my body,

The stench of the flesh as it rots away.


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