Christopher S. Rozema
Impatience caught

By the open window breathing

Wraithe or saviour

Gossamer creature

The gap between us filled with words

Empty                   empty

Only those things left unsaid &

The freckles on your cheeks have meaning

Don’t get my daydreams twisted in the sheets

I’m not some rabid beast

Confusing love with lust

Salivating, wanting, needing

All them baser instincts I suppress

As you lay sleeping in the bed beside me

Undressed and blushing in the morning

Not quite as naked as the dawn

But more revealing than the light of a hundred

Suns in nothing but your flimsy cotton

A patient passion’s embers

Fueled inexplicably & unforgivably

By rare texts & fading memories

Indulgent silence

There’s canaries in the coalmine singing

In school we would have traded mixtapes

As adults at the beginning of our nervous(was it courtship?)

Instead we swapped youtube music links

Incandescent shades before us

Flicker twitterpated

As the much too rapidly approaching

Certain distance only weeks away

Comes a-rapping at the gates


And I guess you are my type of crazy

I keep forgetting to forget you


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