I’m a native Appalachian, who wrestles with God. No longer a LibDem, I consider myself a member of the Black Brigade… An anarcho-terrorist.  Yet, oddly, still a Romantic and a Gentleman.  I don’t fell the need to light the fuse, because some idiot in the Legislature, Judiciary, or Executive branch will damn sure do it within the next 4-8 years. We work hard in SE Tennessee. We all share the blood of Creeks or Cherokees. We refused to take sides in the Civil War.  We brought coal up from the center of the Earth  and celebrate with weed and moonshine.  And family is everything.  If that ain’t hard enough for you turn around and go back out the door.

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I Will Wait

Albert Camus once said something to the effect of, “In the Winter of my life I found Summer inside of me.”  When we think about it, during some storm in our lives, we should be able to realize that the sun is always there beyond the rain.  But what if we’ve become numb to the tides?  Are we then castaways condemned to float on a sea of nihilism and despair?

No.  There is available to all of us another option left for those who are at the mercy of such fickle things as Love and Tides and Weather.

But I dare not take it. Suicide would show the world how much I cared.  And I really could give exactly zero shits if Samsara ceased and suddenly we all achieved Nirvana.

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